Technical framework

The .Stat Suite Technical Framework consists of a number of .NET Core and JavaScript based Services.

.Stat Suite architecture
.Stat Suite high-level technical architecture

The .Stat Suite is based on a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) applying the main principles of the Common Statistical Production Architecture (CSPA) which means a loose coupling to avoid strong dependencies and apply a modular architecture.

All web services are able to be accessed over SSL, are compiled in the Open Source .NET Core framework, and are in most part MVC Rest services, with the exception of Solr that is Java based.

The Community works in close partnership with Eurostat enabling the reuse of open source and common modules from the SDMX Reference Infrastructure (RI) package. This includes a web service supporting information exchanges with other modules, and consumption of internal and external flows in sdmx-ml, sdmx-json, and sdmx-csv formats, a web interface to support mappings between different data structures, and a storage for sdmx structural artefacts.

SDMX-RI and SDMXSource are released under open source licenses, and used within more than 50 countries worldwide. It is available in both Java and .NET and can be used with different database engine back-ends such as Mariadb, MSSQLServer, and Oracle.

An out-the-box and exchangeable search engine, Solr (Apache Lucene), provides storage for search documents and returning of a relevant subset by search queries. Storage of accumulated data for dynamic facet generation as well as non-search related information such as configuration settings.

Solr is an enterprise open source search engine, written in Java, that uses a NoSQL database to enable extended search capabilities.

You can find a detailed description of the architecture and the technologies used in the .Stat Suite project on our Gitlab documentation pages.