Product Roadmap

The community comes together each year to plan and define its detailed roadmap aligned to the 5-year strategic directions. The roadmap is constantly monitored and adapted according to the ongoing exchanges, agreed priorities, and available resources.

Through the Community co-investment model the .Stat Suite roadmap has been envisaged through to 2021.

Product Roadmap as of March 2019.

Each block represents a component/module of the .Stat Suite that will be delivered progressively over the total period shown above and which is described in detail below.

.Stat Data Explorer (DE): A lightweight componentised front-end for dissemination databases with an SDMX 2.1 API for searching, visualising, and sharing data through an easy-to-use and consistent graphical interface. Read more…

.Stat Core: A modular and open architecture back-end supporting end-to-end sdmx flows, and managing all the needed services that can be used independently or combined to support the complete data lifecycle needs of an organisation. Read more…

The following are modules of the .Stat DLM (Data Lifecycle Manager):

GET: Loading of data in Excel and SDMX formats; loading of data structures from external SDMX sources), and management of referential metadata throughout the lifecycle.

MODEL: Easy modelling of data structures and data flows without necessarily being SDMX experts and enforcing modelling good practices by design.

EDIT: Data transcoding and mapping, with interactive data viewing and grid editing from with Excel 2016.

FLOW: Workflow management, workflow & statistical reporting management, end-to-end workflow design, scheduling of batch jobs, embargo functionality, archiving, web questionnaire for statistical reporting, KPIs to report on data process efficiency.

CALC: Reusable high-performance calculation and automated validation with quality assurance, customisable reports, and KPIs to report on data quality.

TRACK: Activity and usage monitoring.