.Stat Suite

An SDMX based modular Open Source platform enabling with little effort the assembly of the different building blocks to build tailored data portals, topical or regional data explorers, or lightweight reporting platforms, in a fluid and agile manner.


Integrating the whole data lifecycle

The .Stat Suite covers a broader part of the data lifecycle (GSBPM) helping to bring about overall efficiencies, harmonisation, and trusted quality.

Overall efficiency gains, especially in data modelling & collection

Measured and increased timeliness

Supports the harmonisation of data and metadata structures and methodologies, thanks to SDMX standard

More data quality assurance

Increased computing and algorithmic performance

Enables easier combining and linking of data from different domains and improve data accessibility


.Stat Suite Core Components

The three main components of the .Stat Suite are:

Easy finding, visualising and sharing of data through a fully open source front-end set of components that can be adapted to specific needs and context.

A set of back office modules that combines all data and metadata management activities into one simple easy to use interface covering the GSBPM steps: Design, Collect, Process, and Disseminate.

An SDMX backbone for easily interfacing through standard protocols, providing a set of services to manage data and metadata flows, configuration, and security.