2020 Community Workshop

The .Stat Suite – ‘Continuing the journey

SIS-CC Workshop 2020: New date to be announced

Created 10 years ago, the Statistical Information System Collaboration Community (SIS-CC) is more relevant than ever, with a greater demand for collaboration on statistical activities among both national and international statistical organisations. We continue to join forces in order to co-innovate and co-invest in the next generation of data practices and solutions to meet common challenges.

This year’s workshop will build on the success of the 2019 workshop: The New .Stat Suite – ‘From idea to reality’, providing further opportunity to learn about the .Stat Suite for beginners to the more advanced users.

The workshop will be guided by the new SIS-CC 2020-2025 Strategy launched in 2020 that encapsulates our vision as…

A reference open source community for official statistics, focusing on product excellence and delivering concrete solutions to common problems through co-investment and co-innovation.

SIS-CC Vision Statement

Why join the workshop?

Participants have an opportunity to build capacity on different levels with sessions for advanced users and for beginners. To maximise this approach, and a change from previous years, the workshop will be extended to all 5 days with sessions presenting a mix of capacity building, information sharing, project showcasing, and workshops tailored for both Data Toolers (Techies) and Data Producers (Modelers).

The Community will launch the new .Stat Academy to foster capacity building. It will be an opportunity for Data Toolers to discover the .Stat Suite and be guided through the different deployment models. For the more advanced toolers, you will deep dive into the code, understand the DevOps flows and how to contribute to the project with your own code, and see how things such as the CMS integrations work.

For Data Producers, there will be an opportunity to continue to build your knowledge in the area of SDMX and data modelling, while working with, and helping to enhance, ongoing development of the suite of tools. For beginners, an introduction to SDMX modelling will be provided, including hands on sessions using .Stat Suite, while advanced modelers will have an opportunity to dive deeper into specific topical issues (as was done in 2019 for SDGs data), and better understand the interactions between user experience and data modelling.

The Community Research & Innovation Hub to mutualise R&D work among the statistical organisations will provide opportunities to look at jointly developing user/usability research to better understand what is on users’ mind, and drive evidence-based product development, as well as experiment new ways for users to access the data (e.g. StatsBots, Semantic Integration…).

Having launched .Stat Suite as open source in June 2019, we will also touch on two important Community dynamics to build on this success:

  1. Enabling the emergence of .Stat as a service commercial offering through a technology partners programme to support organisations who are not core members;
  2. Facilitating the technical integration of .Stat Suite with widely used data tools and enable connections to other open source communities.

For detailed logistical information to help in your registration and participation please download the Guide for Participants

Registration for the 2020 Community Workshop will open again soon