El Salvador pioneers Labour Market Information System in the region

January 26, 2022

In December 2021, the Ministry of Labour and Social Security of El Salvador launched SIMEL, the first Labour Market Information System (LMIS) in the Central American region and second of its kind in the Latin American region. SIMEL, with .Stat Suite at its core, responds to the need to overcome the statistical gap in labour matters and to provide timely and internationally comparable statistics to better diagnose the labour situation in the country.

Implementing partners ILO and IOM as well as government officials, diplomatic corps, trade organisations, academia and other sectors of society attended the launch event and acknowledged the benefits of this new, unified repository of labour market information and statistical data.

“The Ministry of Labour and Social Security has made it possible to implement this system in 10 months. It will be immensely useful for analysts and make available information that is necessary to develop better public policies,” Vice President, Félix Ulloa announced.

Under the umbrella of its SIS-CC membership, ILO provides .Stat Suite, including technical assistance and upgrades, free of charge to all countries implementing a LMIS following ILO’s recommendations. In the scope of the LMIS programme, ILO has successfully supported the installation of INE.Stat, the .Stat Suite-based interactive and free-use repository of statistical data, managed by the National Institute of Statistics of Chile. More projects are ongoing worldwide with more than 18 countries, including Guyana, Namibia, Jordan and Peru.

Please visit the SIMEL news section for more information in Spanish and access the SIMEL data repository here.

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