Statistical Information System Collaboration Community

Our vision

The Statistical Information System Collaboration Community is a reference open source community for official statistics, focusing on product excellence and delivering concrete solutions to common problems through co-investment and co-innovation.


Our global community

15 members with common goals, sharing similar needs in terms of data dissemination and production, who are interested in mutualising costs and sharing knowledge, and committed to foster common standards.

What the members say

The ease of the upgrade using Docker images allows us to update our .Stat Suite instances in a matter of minutes.
Gregory PoleFCSA

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Statistical Information System Collaboration Community

What we do

Focused on product excellence and delivering concrete solutions to common problems.

.Stat Suite, a platform... manage the (macro)data lifecycle
for official statistics (design, collect, process, disseminate). explore data
and develop various reporting and dissemination experiences.
building on best practices in statistical data modelling, and open source.

How we work

The foundations

Community-driven dynamics

Community-driven dynamics

The development of the .Stat Suite is driven by a community of users focused on product excellence and agility.
Full (macro)data lifecycle coverage

(macro)data lifecycle coverage

The .Stat Suite supports Open Data and data engagement strategies, including through API/Wholesale data services, as well as best-in-class user experience on the .Stat Data Explorer.
Open source delivery

Open source delivery model

The .Stat Suite is accessible to a wider set of organisations, at lower cost (free, MIT license), leveraging existing open innovations and communities.
Component-based architecture

Component-based architecture

At the heart of .Stat Suite, the modular architecture combining flexibility, cloud-readiness, scalability and high performance that offers multiple deployment scenarios adapted to individual context and capacity with an ease of installation.

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