What we do

The community works to deliver digital solutions for official statistics, continuously investing in the development of the .Stat Suite under a community model that delivers on a common strategy.

The .Stat Suite covers the complete data lifecycle (GSBPM steps: Design; Collect; Process; Analyse; Disseminate) helping to resolve the limitations observed today by providing a set of back-office components that can be assembled in a way that is tailored for the specific context and processes of each organisation.

By adding SDMX compliant APIs (on both the input and output side), as well as connectors with main market tools, end-to-end integration with other data processing platforms already in place, including excel, is greatly facilitated. This is helping teams in statistical organisations to manage in a much more cost efficient way the different data sources they need to aggregate and set up the proper workflows ensuring quality outputs.

By taking an approach that is both modular and open (architecture) by design, teams can be mobilised from around the world in a way that is efficient and developments can be contributed by participating organisations to avoid reinventing the wheel.