Reflecting on the vibrant discussions from the 9th SDMX Global Conference

April 19, 2024

The official 9th SDMX Global Conference summary report is now available.

As the dust settles on the 9th SDMX Global Conference, it’s impossible not to reflect on the vibrant discussions that took place. We take a moment to spotlight the remarkable contributions including those of the Statistical Information System Collaboration Community (SIS-CC) in shaping the current and future data landscape.

The conference underscored SDMX‘s role as an enabler amidst immense technological and societal shifts. Abdulla Gozalov (UNSD) highlighted how SDMX simplifies complex data management, making daunting tasks like aligning with AI, addressing automated metadata translation, and enhancing data governance, more manageable.

Alessandro Bonara (ECB) discussed the need for agility in the SDMX framework, especially in tackling the expanding variety and volume of data. This echoes the SIS-CC’s continuous efforts to ensure SDMX stays relevant by supporting new sources of data.

Edgardo Greising (ILO) and Eric Anvar (OECD) called for unity within the SDMX community, emphasising the significance of social capital and the adoption of a user-centric approach. This aligns perfectly with SIS-CC’s ethos, focusing on interoperability, communication, and capacity building.

Marco Marini (IMF) and Dr. Khalid Almutawah (Kingdom of Bahrain iGA) voiced the need for innovation in data governance and the role of SDMX as a foundation for trusted data. The SIS-CC’s innovative solutions have always endeavored to improve data dissemination and adapt SDMX to the evolving needs of official statistics organisations.

Rafael Schmidt (BIS) highlighted the significance of SDMX in the world of data management and governance, emphasising the need for continuous adaptation and collaboration to meet the evolving data needs and challenges.

As we look ahead, let’s celebrate the accomplishments of the SIS-CC and other contributors at the 9th SDMX Global Conference. Their work empowers us to navigate the evolving data landscape confidently, advocating for a user-centric approach, and fostering a spirit of collaboration and innovation to meet the future challenges together.

For a detailed snapshot of the SIS-CC impact at the conference see here.