.Stat Suite is now Open!

June 24, 2019

The Community has reached a major milestone, officially launching in open source the .Stat Suite product, a native SDMX modular set of components that aims to progressively cover the full (macro)data lifecycle (GSBPM: Design; Collect; Process; Analyse; Disseminate).

By doing so the Community now makes the .Stat Suite accessible to a wider group of organisations, at lower cost (free, MIT license), leveraging existing open innovations and communities (such as REACTJS, R, Gitlab, Solr, etc.) through software reuse and interoperability – including with market standards such as Excel or Stata.

The software is now delivered through state-of-the-art (DevOps) mechanisms, combining effective agility, multiplicity of contributors, simplicity of deployment on the cloud, software quality and security.

We invite interested organisations or individuals to explore further our open source project to know if you would like to engage and potentially contribute.

Please visit the ‘Developers‘ section if you would like to know more.