2019 Community Workshop – From idea to reality

June 20, 2019

The Community hosted its 9th annual workshop over two and a half days, from 17-19 June 2019, when more than 90 participants from 40 different organisations came together for the official launch, in open source, the .Stat Suite, a native SDMX modular set of components that aims to progressively cover the full data lifecycle (GSBPM: Design; Collect; Process; Analyse; Disseminate).

This high level of interest demonstrates the greater demand and increased importance of the collaboration on statistical activities between statistical organisations, both at national and international levels, which is central to the Community and its strategy.

The first two and a half days, as with the previous workshops (held in March 2011March 2012April 2013April 2014March 2015April 2016April 2017 and April 2018), were open sessions and the OECD extended the invitation to interested groups and organisations who have been considering using .Stat Suite for their own organisation, or interested in becoming part of and contributing to the open source community, and who share similar objectives.

Day 1 (17 June), took place at the OECD Conference Centre in Boulogne, France, with days 2 and 3 (18-19 June) taking place at Station F, the largest start-up hub in the world and the center for the French Government push to make France the global leader in tech and innovation.

Station F @French Tech - day 2 and 3

Please find below the presentations from day 1:

Presentations and recordings are indicated by and when available.

| Community Vision – The journey so far and looking ahead to the next 5-years by Jonathan Challener, OECD

| What is the SDMX Toolkit by Alvaro Diez-Soto, Eurostat

| .Stat Suite Open Source test run by Jens Dossé, OECD

| Hub of Public Statistics – Connecting and visualising multiple SDMX sources by Francesco Rizzo, ISTAT

| Leveraging APIs for a WordPress .Stat Suite integration by Yves Jaques, UNICEF

| Building an SDG Dashboard using Drupal and dotStat Suite by Phil Bright, SPC

| Implementation of new statistical dissemination infrastructure by Fadhila Najah, INS Tunisia

| A point in time release by Jeremy Michell, ABS

| Principles and Guidelines for National Reporting Platforms by Abdulla Gozalov, UNSD and Samrith Chan, NIS Cambodia

| .Stat Suite for Labour Statistics dissemination and reporting by Edgardo Greising, ILO, and Alberto Lagos, INE Chile

Please find below the presentations and live recordings from day 2:

New approaches to data modelling by Francesco Rizzo ISTAT, and David Baraclough, OECD

Design thinking workshop by Fabernovel, and Jens Dossé, OECD

Migrating to the .Stat Suite by Edgardo Greising, ILO, and Gyorgy Gyomai, OECD

| Introduction to .Stat Suite Open Source Framework by Nicolas Briemant, RedPelicans

| The many deployment options for .Stat Suite by Yves Jaques, UNICEF

Get started with SDMX Source projects by Aleksei Arhipov and Marco Oksman, OECD

| Solr Optimisations by Fabrizio Celli, UNICEF

| .Stat Suite Architecture – a look at the key non-functional topics by Jens Dossé, OECD

Please find below the live recordings from the day 3:

| Data Flow Assessment Framework – panel discussion moderated by Rajiv Ranjan, PARIS21

Design Thinking Workshop
Data Producers session – Design Thinking Workshop
Introduction to the Open Source Framework
Data Tooler session – An introduction to the .Stat Suite Open Source Framework

Discover the workshop through a collection of photos taken over the two and half days.

A full highlights report will be published at a later date.