Each year the OECD offers collaborating partners the opportunity to help shape the future of the community and discuss a number of key topics. An invitation to day 1 is also extended to other interested groups and organisations who may be considering using the .Stat Suite and would like to know more about the community and learn from their experiences.


2018 workshop participants

The 2018 workshop theme: Building National Data Backbones – Empowering Countries through capacity development and technology, followed on from the discussions at the 2017 workshop: Sustainable Data for Development – Building an inclusive data ecosystem“, when we explored options for a change of paradigm in building a truly global, open and inclusive data ecosystem to deliver on SDGs but also, more broadly, the data for development agenda. The problem that was identified was a series of fragmentation’s of the international and national data ecosystems, preventing objectives at both levels being delivered synergetically.

It presented an opportunity to cement the view that it is now time for a paradigm shift whereby SIS-CC could become the reference open source community to bring about common solutions in the area of official statistics and data.

It was clear from the discussions that the advent of such a community would greatly help synergise the international efforts and make sure that at country level, multiple international initiatives do not compete or create overhead, but rather work in sync with each other.

During the workshop it was explored as to how the paradigm which emerged at international level could also possibly be applicable at national level, with the concept of National Data Backbone, as a means to achieve both the national and international agendas.

The directions explored mirrored the ones explored at the 2017 workshop, but this time looked at it from the country perspective, to understand the national ecosystem dynamics and how it could be further empowered to deliver on national and international agendas.

Day 1-2 of the Workshop was open to non-members with a total of 93 participants representing 38 different interested or partner organisations in attendance. A further 8,000 interactions took place on Twitter, with 115 watching the live stream from 10 countries. Four new members were welcomed: Institute of Statistics of Chile; Statistical Office of Luxembourg (STATEC); ASTAT (Statistical Institute of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, Italy); and UNICEF.

The main outcomes of the discussion are detailed in the Highlights Report.