Our mission

A reference open source community for official statistics, focusing on product excellence and delivering concrete solutions to common problems through co-investment and co-innovation.

SIS-CC Vision Statement
The Community Strategy in a nutshell

We believe this mission requires us to:

Consolidate our foundations built over 2014-19 around our foundations: community-driven dynamics, open source delivery, (macro)data lifecycle coverage, component-based and scalable architecture by adapting them to a context which calls for more inclusiveness, the continued adoption of new technology to enable fast-moving organisations, the opportunity to connect open ecosystems in a ‘plug & play’ mode, and the necessity to invest in the larger coverage and better integration of the data lifecycle.

Stretch our value proposition by exploring new territories, such as: going disaggregated, that is consume micro-data and geolocalised data as SDMX (3.0) input to the data lifecycle; data quality by design, that is built-in features to streamline the data process (automation, pre-validation, workflow & reporting…) and improve the quality of data products; joint research and innovation projects to mutualise ideas, knowledge and resources in the most frontier areas of work.

In order to achieve common goals: make data more accessible and modernise the data lifecycle constitute the broad strategic agenda for most organisations, to which we add: build an inclusive data ecosystem, so that the open source assets developed by the Community can truly benefit a wide range of organisations with middle or lower capacity, through the appropriate support and business models.