The Community works in a number of areas with different partners across the globe in varying contexts to support a standards first approach to build greater statistical capacity, and reuse of the open source common set of tools, the .Stat Suite.

Some examples of these initiatives include:

  • Supporting the work of sectorial organisations such as ILO with the implementation of Labor Market Information Systems with .Stat at the core, facilitating for the dissemination of Labor Market statistics via SDMX Web Services, and with the potential for countries to expand to other domains.

  • Supporting standardisation (SDMX) in Africa including the ongoing project to support Tunisia’s Open Data Agenda, helping to build a sustainable data infrastructure for GSS in Ghana, and for CSA in Ethiopia.

  • Supporting the global agenda specifically the UNSD-FCDO project on SDG reporting in Cambodia with the possibility to extend to some of the other 20 project countries.

  • Supporting technology driven innovation in the statistical domain as exemplified with the Statsbot initiative, driven by Statistics Canada and CBS NL, with the participation of several Community members.

Many of these initiatives are facilitating for synergising of international efforts (regional, sectorial) in the area of data for development and beyond, by co-investing in standard-driven and reusable assets (open source software).

Enabling a federation of DATA ecosystems

If you are interested in working with the Community, please contact us by sending an email to [email protected].