Advancing dissemination of SDGs

SDG Wheel

The community works with a number of partners to support the advancement of SDGs reporting and the 2030 agenda, through the implementation of common open source tools based on the .Stat Suite.

This includes providing technical support to the UNSD-FCDO project that aims to improve the availability of national indicators, both in terms of support to increase the number of indicators available and by making them more accessible through national data and metadata platforms for dissemination of the SDGs. The project involves 20 countries from Asia and Africa, including Cambodia, Ethiopia, Ghana, and Kyrgyzstan.

The community is bringing forth its existing knowledge, and its open source tools and experience to support the project, in the areas of SDMX capacity building and standardised data modelling that leveraged the .Stat Suite as the underpinning data management platform.

A pilot project ‘Advancing dissemination of SDGs and other indicators using .Stat Suite‘ with NIS Cambodia to test this new approach, was jointly undertaken by UNICEF, PARIS21, UNSD and OECD.

The project consisted in developing an SDGs reporting platform based on the .Stat Suite, while simultaneously developing relevant capacities in data modelling and management.

The project outcomes and lessons learnt led to a proposal for Strengthening Data Management Practices at the NIS Cambodia and potential scale-up in more countries. Read the full report here .