.Stat Academy Webinars

Topic: .Stat Suite installation using docker compose

When: Thursday 10th September 2020 – 11h-12h30 CEST

Facilitated by:
Ben Ashley, Community Developer Advocate
Zsolt Lenart, .Stat Suite Solution Developer

Topics to be covered:

  1. Overview of .Stat Suite Architecture
  2. Walk-through of the .Stat Suite Services and how they interact with each other
  3. Simple docker installation from a single script
  4. How to adapt to the script to your needs
  5. Overview of the main configuration and customisation parameters
  6. Q&A

Audience: Data Toolers, technical leads, and those responsible in the deployment and management of data management and dissemination solutions.

It is recommended participants already have read through the .Stat Suite documentation to familiarise yourself with the main components and docker process.

To register your interest please email:  events@siscc.org

Limited spaces are available.

You will receive an email to confirm your participation along with the connection information.

Past events

Topic: .Stat Suite data modelling and migration approach and best practices

When: Thursday 2nd July 2020 – 13h-16h CEST

Facilitated by:
Gyorgy GYOMAI, Head of Smart Data Practices
David BARRACLOUGH, Smart Data Practices Lead and Chair of SDMX Statistical Working group
Alen Brin, Smart Data Practice Expert
Anastassia SAMSONOVA, Technical Business Analyst for Smart Data Practices

Topics to be covered:

  1. The OECD data migration approach for .Stat Suite
  2. Data modelling practices and tools
  3. Tools and techniques with live walk-throughs
  4. Q&A

Audience: Data producers, statisticians, and others involved in data management.

It is recommended participants already have a prior knowledge of SDMX as this webinar will not cover SDMX basics.

Past event – Registration closed