Community hosts data modelling webinar

July 2, 2020

On Thursday 2 July 2020, the Community hosted it’s first webinar.Stat Suite data modelling and migration approach and best practices.

Data Modelling Webinar

Close to 40 participants joined the webinar to learn more about the OECD data modelling and migration approach to move from the .Stat version 7 to the .Stat Suite.

The webinar went into the theoretical side of data modelling practices being applied at the OECD, as well as a demonstration of the SIS-CC SDMX (Matrix) Generator, used in the creation and management of SDMX artefacts.

The SIS-CC SDMX (Matrix) Generator is available as open source in Gitlab and listed on along with other freely available SDMX tools.

The webinar is available for playback at anytime and the material presented during the webinar can be found here.

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