Setting up the .Stat Suite is greatly simplified

September 11, 2020


The Community has been working hard to ease the installation of the .Stat Suite, not only through improved documentation, but also example files that can be executed with just a few commands to stand up an instance of the .Stat Suite in a matter of minutes.

Using simply the Docker-Compose start and stop instructions as detailed here, the out-of-the-box demo example allows very quickly and easily running a complete mono-tenant, local .Stat Suite demo instance with one Data Explorer, one Data Lifecycle Manager, two default SDMX-based data spaces (named “Design” and “Release”) and a KeyCloak service for authentication. The installation is based on the currently latest released source code (MASTER docker images).

This process was demonstrated during the webinar .Stat Suite installation using docker compose that took place on Thursday 10th September 2020.