.Stat Suite global presence grows in 2020

December 2, 2020

2020 saw the .Stat Suite rolled out in a number of SIS-CC member organisations (UNICEF, SPC, ILO, FCSC, ABS, NBB), and non-member (UNESCAP, NIS Cambodia) organisations with more expected in 2021.

.Stat Suite global instances
Examples of the .Stat Data Explorer around the globe

With the support of a number of contributors (UNSD, OECD, CBS Netherlands, ONS UK, UNESCAP, ABS, and FCSC) the .Stat Suite was successfully configured at the United Nations Global Platform, and is currently being used by Cambodia as its official statistical data warehouse (CamStat) with further avenues being explored for making the .Stat Suite as a service at the UN Global Platform available for use by other National Statistical Offices.

The flagship component, the .Stat Suite Data Explorer, has been used for topic specific and regional data portals including the United Nations Inter-agency Group Child Mortality Estimates portal, the Pacific Data Hub (PHD.Stat), SDG reporting (CamStat), and ILO led LMIS project.

The flexibility and componentised architecture of the .Stat Suite has enable each organisation to easily leverage the core code base to deploy according to their own context as well as integrate with different components such as WordPress (CMS).

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