.Stat Data Explorer

A lightweight componentised front-end for dissemination databases with an SDMX 2.1 API for searching, visualising, and sharing data through an easy-to-use and consistent graphical interface.


Find datasets with free-text search, fine-tune search results through context-specific filters (facets) for topics and relevant data dimensions, and download an entire dataset, or…


Narrow the selection within the chosen dataset to preview a subset through comprehensive multi-dimensional tables and charts (Timeline, Bar, Row, Scatter, Symbol, Maps), easily get all necessary additional information (attributes and referential metadata), and download selected data and chart images.


Share created tables and charts in blogs and social media, or embed them dynamically in web pages.

The .Stat Data Explorer comprises of an exchangeable SolR-based search engine component allowing to integrate the application with a preexisting corporate search solution.

The .Stat Data Explorer is configurable to an individual context, enabling localisation with multilingual support (English, French, Estonia, Arabic, Spanish, Khmer, etc.), deployed as individual modules i.e. only the visualisation page, and styled according to each organisations brand.

The .Stat Data Explorer is built by the SIS-CC using the .Stat Suite open source library of Reusable Components for the Web (RCW) that can be used independently or combined to create data experiences.

Check out the .Stat Data Explorer demo site now!

Note: The demo site combines data from different sis-cc members for demo purposes only and is not considered suitable for reuse. Therefore we are not responsible any reuse or quality of the data published on the site.