Product Vision

.Stat Suite, the platform to…

… explore data and develop various reporting and dissemination experiences.
…‘SDMX-native’, building on best practices in statistical data modelling.
… manage the (macro)data lifecycle for official statistics (design, collect, process, disseminate).

.Stat Suite - An open source platform for official statistics

At the heart of .Stat Suite, the modular architecture combining flexibility, cloud-readiness, scalability and high performance that offers multiple deployment scenarios (.Stat Suite as a Service,  as a Container, as Source Code) adapted to individual context and capacity.

With its component-based and open source model, .Stat Suite is positioned well to support hub & spoke and distributed networks constituting a statistical system: typically, national institutes or central banks aggregating data flows from various sources, departments and agencies to build a central repository of official statistics; and international organisations or data aggregators, integrating data on regional or sectorial basis from various countries and organisations.

.Stat Suite will continue to support expanding and evolving Open Data and data engagement strategies, including through API/Wholesale data services, as well as best-in-class user experience on the .Stat Data Explorer.

The .Stat Suite is to progressively support all the General Statistical Business Process Model (GSBPM) phases, from design of data model and process, through collect, process to dissemination/reporting for aggregated data.