Product Vision

SDMX-native, modular, and open source platform for official statistics.

A platform to disseminate aggregated data and, progressively, to manage the (macro)data lifecycle (design, collect, process, disseminate).

An environment to explore data and develop various reporting and dissemination experiences.

An ‘SDMX-native’ environment, building on best practices in statistical data modelling.

.Stat Suite - sdmx native platform for official statistics

Integrating the whole data lifecycle

The .Stat Suite covers a broader part of the data lifecycle (GSBPM) helping to bring about overall efficiencies, harmonisation, and trusted quality.

Data quality assurance by design

Measured and increased timeliness of data release

Overall efficiency gains in data modelling & collection

Increased computing and algorithmic performance

Supports harmonisation of data and metadata structures and methodologies

Enables easier combining and linking of data from different domains to improve data accessibility