The bedrock of our Community collaboration is integral to our overarching strategy, allowing us to advance our value proposition and achieve common goals.

The .Stat Suite features a flexible, cloud-ready component-based architecture, offering scalable and high-performance solutions for various deployment scenarios. Installation is effortless, tailored to individual needs and capacities.

Integrating the data lifecycle by modernising the collection, analysis, processing, and dissemination of data, efficient data operations by addressing fragmentation in tools, processes, and data models, and promoting a “quality by design” approach.

The SIS-CC’s success is rooted in its multi-tier Community ecosystem and sustainable business model. By embracing a collaborative approach, the Community recognises that if we want to achieve long-term success, we must work together and support one another.

The .Stat Suite utilises an Open-Source stack exceling in DevSecOps practices, implementing test automation for functional, performance, and security. It offers flexible deployment strategies and leverages Gitlab as a versatile tool for managing open-source projects at scale.