An interview with Community manager, Jonathan Challener

May 15, 2020

2019 Community Workshop - Open Source launch

The OECD’s SIS-CC community manager, Jonathan Challener, was interviewed recently by Datopian CEO, Paul Walsh, about the Community open source journey to .Stat Suite so far.

With a long history in statistical software, the SIS-CC, under the OECD secretariat, launched the .Stat Suite in open source in June 2019.

“With the community’s decision at a strategic level to go open source in 2019, we needed to look at other similar communities out there or similar projects and try to tap into their expertise and experiences to ensure that what we were doing wouldn’t fail at the first hurdle.”

Jonathan Challener

To meet the challenges in making this transition, we turned to Datopian for their foresight, experience and expertise.

Read the full interview online here.