Demonstrating the flexibility of .Stat Suite – Child Mortality Portal

February 20, 2019

UNICEF, who monitor the situation of children and women, is in the midst of rolling out easy-to-use, accessible open data platforms for disseminating key indicators and databases that cover the array of issues affecting the world’s children and mothers, like nutrition, education and social protection.

A key first milestone was the launch of the updated in February 2019, built on top of the .Stat Suite components: .Stat Core and .Stat Data Lifecycle Manager, as well as leveraging some of the existing components from the .Stat Suite Technical Component Library to build a specific web application drawing its other content from the WordPress (WP) Content Management system through the WP API in “headless mode”.

Child Mortality Estimates portal - IGME

The site makes the United Nations Inter-agency Group for Child Mortality Estimation the latest and most reliable data and estimates on child survival around the world that are available via machine-readable SDMX (Statistical Data and Metadata Exchange) data services, an update that enhances transparency and auditability. is now easier than ever to use by any interested party, be it a Member State, journalist or academic, allowing these key data to be understood and leveraged in the interest of children.

UNICEF are iteratively rolling out further enhancements including a generic WordPress plugin that will become part of the .Stat Suite Open Source Technical library for others to reuse.

Visit to explore the updated portal or pull data directly from the public SDMX 2.1 endpoint (API).